Our first special feature page for the farm was supposed to be a bit more upbeat than this, but Mother Nature changed our priorities a little. The Washington DC area was hit first by hurricane Isabel, then by a post-hurricane deluge five days later. Isabel knocked out our power for four days, brought down a lot of branches, and caused some minor flooding at Willow Hawk Farm, but nothing truly devastating. The second punch is the one that really got us. We had up to four feet of river water and everything it brought with it in our house.

We're still cleaning up and rebuilding the first floor of the house, but we all survived, including all the animals. If you're in the Washington area, follow the link to the "Flood Benefit" for information about a very special event.

This was supposed to be our first feature page. One of our yearling angora bucks, Tarkan, was the champion fiber goat at the Loudoun County Fair in 2003. Handsome, isn't he? If you love mohair, follow the links to our fiber products pages, and contact us for more information.