As a host farm for the Temple Hall non-ownership 4-H club, we get to share the fun with our 4-H members. New lambs are always one of the most popular attractions, and the lambs love the attention, too. The girls, from left to right, are Rachel, holding Charles; Allison, holding Mary; Melissa, with Richard; Carol, with Edward; Allyson, holding James, and Karin, with Henry. Club members attend work sessions (aren't they working hard here?) at the host farm, where they learn and practice shepherding skills. In addition to preparing their project lambs for show at the Loudoun County 4-H Fair in July, our 4-H'ers vaccinate their lambs, regularly weigh them and monitor their growth and health, halter train the lambs, help with hoof trimming, fill stock tanks, and even (on occasion) muck stalls. Some of the members have been lucky enough to be here at the farm to see lambs being born and help with lambing tasks.

This year, the club is focusing on wool processing, with the goal of completing a throw made sheep to shawl style. Club members have skirted the fleeces, washed their wool, carded their wool, made drop spindles, and learned to spin. Later this spring, they will dye their batts and/or yarn, and weave the squares for the throw from their handspun yarn. The Temple Hall 4-H Club throw will be displayed at the Fair.

More photos of our 4-H'ers: