Morrocan style tagine of lamb with lemon and olives


Here at Willow Hawk Farm we are proud to offer our premium gourmet quality lamb raised on open pasture using sustainable agriculture methods. We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our pastures, and we do not feed our sheep and lambs feeds laced with antibiotic supplements, hormones, or GMO components. Our lamb and mutton are naturally lean and well-muscled as a result of healthy agriculture practices that benefit both the sheep and the consumer. Additionally, because you are purchasing your lamb directly from the producer (us), you are able to realize a cost savings from the normal end-consumer price for the same gourmet quality product purchased from a traditional retail source. You are also able to get cuts not generally available at your retailer.

New! We now offer our lamb in retail packages, in addition to our freezer lambs. So, if you just want that leg for a holiday dinner, you can now buy a single cut of Willow Hawk Farm Lamb. We offer all standard butcher cuts in retail packages: rib chops, rib rack roasts, loin chops, loin roasts, shoulder blade chops, shoulder roasts, arm chops, neck slices, sirloin roasts, leg shank half roasts, whole legs, stew meat, and ground lamb.

Because we have a small (micro) flock, we have a limited number of lambs available for freezer lamb, for most of the year. You may reserve your lamb in advance at any time, subject to availability - we are currently accepting reservations for summer and fall 2007. We will do our best to meet your requirements for size/weight, finish quality (fat/lean), gender, approximate date desired, and so on.

We are happy to provide an estimated price range when you reserve your lamb, but the final price for your lamb is determined by the live weight of your lamb, based on market rates at the time of sale/purchase. For more details on our whole lamb prices and comparisons to retail (supermarket) prices, take a few minutes to look at our About Custom Cut Lamb information page.

We will deliver your lamb to our processor for you with your preparation and packaging instructions, or you may elect to make your own processing arrangements and pick up your live lamb from us directly.

The answers to the questions we are often asked about custom cut lamb are available on our About Custom Cut Lamb page. If we haven't answered all your questions, just contact us, and we'll be happy to help!