photo by Michael McGowan, 2002

Our original tiny farm was located in a pastoral enclave of Loudoun County, Virginia, along the banks of scenic Goose Creek:

In 1999, we began a serious search for an old home with enough land to raise a few sheep to feed my fiber habit and to give Blaze, the Border Collie, a real job.

After settling into the new rural lifestyle for a few months, we got our first ewe lambs. Then came the ram, then lambs.

We grew to a micro-flock of colored and white fine wool sheep, a couple of angora goats, and one more Border Collie (Molly). Still couldn’t quit our day jobs.

In the fall of 2005 we moved to a larger farm, still in Loudoun county. For photos of the new farm, check out our Features page.

We concentrate on producing top quality fleeces for handspinners, felters, weavers, and knitters who enjoy natural colored wools. We enjoy showing both our fiber and our farm to handspinners and other fiber artists who find themselves in our part of the country.

In the 2006 - 2007 season, we expanded in a different direction, producing our Eco-ganic lamb meat for retail sales in our local markets. We currently manage a mini-flock of about 35 breeding ewes, and offer a variety of handspinning fibers and handspun yarns for our fiber consumers. More information is available on our Products and Services page.

In 2008, we added Artemis, a Great Pyrenees, to our family to help with predator control. Artie is wonderful with the baby lambs and small humans, too!

This year we added hens to the farm, who happily reside in the Purple Poultry Palace and provide us with fresh free-range eggs.

If you will be in the area, we will be happy to make an appointment for you to see the farm in person. In the meantime, follow the seasons on our first farm.