One of life's little luxuries...

Mohair fiber for spinners (and mohair yarns for non-spinners) for that special project is waiting for you! We have washed and picked kid, yearling, and adult mohair available in white. We also have adult mohair available as roving in white and pale honey gold. A listing of our current mohair inventory is right here.


Description Sample Price per Lb. Price per Oz.
Adult, washed and picked Photo coming soon
Yearling, washed and picked Photo coming soon
Kid, washed and picked Photo coming soon
Adult, roving Photo coming soon

Mohair takes dyes beautifully, yielding brilliant colors with fabulous luster. We will dye your mohair for you, if you like.

Hand washed locks and raw mohair are available by reservation - our next shearing will be in spring 2007.

Just contact us for details on special orders.

By the way - Tarkan, one of our bucks, was the champion fiber goat at the Loudoun County Fair in 2003. Fine looking dude, isn't he?