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Wool & Fiber

Looking for fiber to spin? Or luscious handspun yarns for a special project? Or maybe a cloud of a handwoven shawl or throw to curl up in? A pelt to keep your feet warm in winter, or your backside cool in summer? How about a rug kit to work on over the winter? Or even the Ultimate Catnap?

We now have llama fiber available for hand spinners, felters, and other fiber artists! Please contact us for details!

By the way, that really is me shearing my first sheep under the watchful eye of the pro (Margi – who has saved my mutton on a couple of occasions – thanks!). Do not try this at home!

Fiber Arts Instruction

Yes, that’s me (again), indulging in more hobbies: 18th century living history interpretation and bobbin lace (Pardon me sir, but I know a charming little game involving several shells and a pea. Have you any ready money?). If you are located in the Washington, DC metro area, and are looking for lessons in just about any fiber related art, from spinning to weaving, knitting, lacemaking, and more, follow the link.

Lamb On the Menu – Custom Cut Lamb

We like lamb, and most people who try it do, too. Leg of, chops, rib racks, sausage, burgers, steaks, brisket…. Mediterranean style, classic French, Italian, Middle Eastern recipes…. Click on the platter to find out more.

Historical Interpretation

First or third person historical interpretation is one of our loves! We interpret a variety of time periods, occupations, and socio-economic classes at many historic sites and for special events. Click on the link for more information.

Breeding Stock, etc.

Want to expand the gene pool of your flock? Want to start your own flock? Need to lease a ram? Click on the link.


Reproduction Historic Clothing

You guessed it – me again, circa 1895. If you’re interested in custom reproduction period clothing from the 17th through the 20th centuries, follow the link.

Wool and Fiber Instruction On the Menu Interpretation Breeding Stock Historic Clothing

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