We are delighted to introduce some very special luxury wool products and wool project kits that were very popular in our pilot testing in 2004:


No cat can resist this snuggly nest! The Ultimate Catnap is available in several sizes - Diva (fits most single cats), Garfield (for larger cats), and Family sized (for multiple cats that snuggle together - also doubles as the Doggie Dozer for dogs up to 30 lbs.). The Ultimate Catnap comes as a Catnap with catnip grown here at WHF; cat(s) not included. Custom catnaps are available, including higher sides and igloo models. Please inquire.

Diva - $40

Garfield - $50

Family/Doggie Dozer - $65


In our quest for practical and do-able fiber projects that take a minimum amount of space and equipment to fit a 21st century lifestyle, we were inspired by our grandmothers' braided rugs. Our contemporary interpretation is to crochet roving into a rug, then felt it (by machine washing or by hand, depending on the size). The result is a warm, durable, attractive rug with a traditional appeal that says home and heirloom. Our kits are custom assembled with natural colored wool roving to your color and size specifications. A 3' x 4' (finished size after felting) rug kit requires approximately 5 lbs. of roving, and is priced at $125 plus shipping for roving, instructions, and crochet hook. Contact us for details!