Not a spinner, but love handspun yarns?

A limited selection of handspun yarns is available for knitters, weavers, and other fiber artists. Of course, custom spinning for your special project is always an option. Select the perfect fiber, weight, ply, yarn type, etc., and I’ll be happy to spin it up for you!

If you want colors, I can also custom dye my handspun yarns for you. I specialize in 18th century dyeing, using the materials and methods used by commercial dyers. Dyes include indigo, madder, cochineal, brazilwood, fustic, logwood, cutch, and so on.

Contact me for details.

This 2-ply skein was spun from one of Hannah's fleeces, in a worsted weight. The yarn was spun and plied loosely, to make a soft yarn that will make soft, drapey knitted items.